Sea - Air Combination

We provide this intermodal transport system which combines the advantages and strengths of both sea and air. We help give an end to end logistic solution with a single point of contact for your specific cargo needs. All our experts need is the starting and the end point of destination and we’ll provide an end to end logistic solution especially designed for you for all kinds of cargo requirements.

This intermodal transport system helps you exploit the strengths of both modes of transportation and lets you transport your cargo in half the time of ocean freight and half the cost of air freight. We have a reliable and well managed and organised network that lets you transport your cargo in the best time and cost effective manner.

Key Features of Sea - Air Combination

  • End to end solution combing the best of sea and air.
  • Expert team with expert knowledge.
  • Cost and time effective.
  • More ecological option.
  • Secure & reliable solution.