Events & Exhibition Logistics

Unlike general cargo, exhibition & event cargo is not just movement and delivery of goods between buyer and the seller across the India but is carrying and delivering corporate image and reputation of the product and service of the exhibitor. Our company has developed an eye for its cargo, seeing through the packing and realising that responsibility and commitment is the key parameter to any successful exhibition & event logistics operator.We as an event and exhibition logistics operator, offer knowledge based approach to the special requirements of exhibition supply chain logistics.

Complementing our knowledge based service is our skilled manpower and investments in very unique & specialized handling equipments and tools, providing the exhibitor a whole spectrum of services needed for a successful participation and ability to enter the market.

Our specialized sale goods service during and after the exhibition has been much liked and appreciated by the exhibitors, which brings us a tremendous support and volumes. We have a special dedicated department with experienced exhibition industry professionals to cater the exhibition industry and have been extending services unparalleled in the industry.