Retail Logistics

The supply chain management for retail needs to be detailed and precise, therefore we provide customised solutions to your specific requirement. A good supply chain management counters the increasing uncertainty and complexity of the market place and competitive situation to reduce inventory in the entire value chain. Our services include sourcing, procurement, consolidation, warehousing and most importantly coordination & collaboration with channel partners like suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers and customs.

Our team of experts understand that in retail time is of the essence, hence we ensure your cargo reaches its final destination safely and on time. We have an extensive and reliable global network which enables us to extend the advantage of competitive rates to our customers. We understand that successful managing of supply chain achieves significant savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Core services include


Our warehousing services are as complex or as simple as they need to be.

Value added services

We can provide extensive pre-retail services, preparing store-ready product for dispatch direct to your point of sale.

First & last mile contract logistics

We deliver crucial beginning and end services in the supply chain and key elements that enable on time delivery.

End-to-end visibility

Our sophisticated in house systems allow real time visibility of your inventory along the supply chain, giving you the confidence to maintain appropriate and efficient inventory levels.